Helicopter assisted backcountry touring provides an opportunity for experienced backcountry ski tourers the ability to get further into the backcountry and ski in harder to reach zones. Telluride Helitrax focuses on seldom visited areas, lines that are difficult to get to and zones away from other backcountry users.

These unique ski days are typically discussed in advance with your guide to make sure your ski group and the guide are on the same page. Our guides can help arrange the day’s plans based on the group’s ski objectives and goals, snow conditions, avalanche hazard, skier experience, and weather outlook. Helicopter assisted backcountry touring is only for established and experienced backcountry ski tourers. Skiers need to have all their own equipment (including all touring gear) and be physically fit to tour in high elevations.


$1600 per group (accommodates 1 to 4 skiers), additional drops and pickup available - call for custom pricing

The ski day starts at the Peaks Resort & Spa or at the Telluride Airport first thing. Your guide will go over the day’s plan, do a quick safety briefing and make sure you have all the appropriate gear for the day. Our backcountry groups typically head into the field first. Depending on your ski plans, your drop-off location will likely be a peak or ridgetop. After your first ski run, you will put your skis on to obtain your next objective and so on. At the end of the day, you will likely ski back to the Telluride valley or get picked up and driven back to the Peaks.

Cost per day is $550 per person, based on a group of four. The drop off flight, lunch, water bottle and van transport (when needed) are all included. Custom add-ons include a helicopter pick up from the field at the end of the day when available.