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Imagine your best day on snow.

Together, Wagner Custom Skis and Telluride Helitrax will take you there. Work with Wagner to create a pair of handcrafted, custom skis designed to specifically accommodate your unique skiing needs. Upon arrival in Telluride, pick up your one-of-a-kind skis steps from our helipad. Indulge in a full day of helicopter skiing in over 200 square miles of terrain in the San Juan Mountains. The combination of custom skis and untracked snow will give you an unfair advantage that you will remember for years to come.


Wagner Custom Skis

Wagner Custom focuses on your unique skier profile to create a ski for you, and you alone. They start with a brief online questionnaire, called your Skier DNA. This takes about five minutes and covers the basics of your skiing. From there, you schedule a phone call with a ski design engineer which goes into greater depth about your skiing and covers what you are looking for in a ski. Once you sign off on your ski design, your skis enter production. Their entire process takes about three weeks from start to finish.

Learn more about Wagner Custom Skis here and their process here. Ready to discover your unique Skier DNA? Get started here.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the Wagner factory, located steps from the Helitrax office.

Skiing off summits and among high alpine basins, cirques, and couloirs with Helitrax will never be easier, or more fun. Wagner Skis will improve your balance, control, and efficiency so you don’t have to worry about the terrain ahead. Instead, you can enjoy every minute in our untracked mountains.


Telluride Helitrax

Telluride Helitrax has access to over 200 square miles of Colorado’s finest terrain. A day with us includes six runs and 10,000 to 14,000 vertical feet of skiing. We offer everything from single day heli-ski packages to full custom outings and helicopter assisted backcountry ski touring. We fly the incredibly adept Eurocopter AS350 B3e and ski with an intimate group of four guests to one guide.

Learn about all our trip options here. Read to book? Call us at 970.728.8377 or fill out our online reservations form here.