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2020-2021 Season FAQs

2020-2021 Helpful Info + COVID Protocols

Don’t worry, it’s totally normal to have a ton of questions this season amid the pandemic and associated changes at ski resorts across the nation. Luckily, operations are almost business as usual at Telluride Helitrax. We do have new COVID protocols and guidelines that guests, and staff will need to follow.

Read below for some of this year’s most frequently asked questions. Didn’t find what you are looking for? Call our office at 970.728.8377 for additional questions.



Telluride Helitrax will be operating with new COVID-19 protocols and guidelines this season to keep our staff and guests safe. These new initiatives are in an effort to reduce/minimize the risk of introducing and transmitting the virus within our operation. As with all ski guiding, the risks cannot be completely eliminated.

Prior to your trip, we will provide you with an email outlining the protocols we expect you to observe and practice. You will be required to fill out a waiver and ski forms prior to your trip date this season.

  • Please drop off your ski boots the evening prior to your trip if you plan on using our complimentary powder skis.
  • Guests will get their temperature taken upon arrival to our office. Anyone with a temperature greater than 101.1F will be asked to sit out of their trip (their trip will be refunded).
  • Guests from different groups will arrive to our office on a staggered basis. Please show up promptly at your designated time.
  • Please wear face coverings and maintain physical distancing with people outside your group at all times.
  • Our pre-trip safety briefing will happen outside, please dress warm (you may leave extra layers in our office when you depart for your trip).
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times when social distancing cannot be maintained including in the helicopter. Face coverings where daylight is visible through the fabric are not appropriate.

Any guest that suspects or has knowledge that they have come in contact with an infected person(s) or are exhibiting symptoms will be required to cancel their trip and will be issued a full refund upon verification they have been tested for COVID-19.

The Helitrax team will be disinfecting our office, the helicopter, gear and vans on a daily basis. Hand sanitizer will be made available to you in the office and throughout the day.



What Telluride Ski Resort lift ticket product should I purchase for my heli-ski vacation if I don’t have a ski pass?

  • If you are purchasing lift tickets to the resort and also planning on flying with us, there are a few things you need to know:
    • Daily lift tickets are your best bet as they provide the most flexibility with your trip. Multi-day lift tickets this year do not provide a discount and must be used consecutively on the resort (meaning no day off for a day with Helitrax).
    • We recommend purchasing single-day tickets as soon as possible. If you wait until you arrive, your anticipated ski day may be sold out.
    • You may consider purchasing a single-day ticket for your heli-ski date in the event we cannot fly. Individual day tickets this season are refundable and transferrable (to another day). If we are able to get out on your scheduled date, you can call the pass office prior to ski resort opening to request a refund. If we cannot fly due to weather, you have a secure reservation to enjoy the ski area that day.
    • Lift ticket refunds must be requested the day before your ski day over the holidays. Refunds can be requested the day of (by around 10 AM), outside of holidays. This info is as of Nov. 3rd, 2020, direct from the Telluride pass office staff.
    • If you have additional questions about single-day lift tickets at the resort, check out their website here: https://tellurideskiresort.com/ski/.
  • I have a full pass, 6-day pass or 10-day pass to Telluride Ski Resort. What do I need to know?
    • You do not need to reserve specific dates to ski on Telluride Ski Resort.
  • I have a full Epic pass. What do I need to know?
    • You do not need to reserve specific dates to ski on Telluride Ski Resort.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 970.728.8377. We look forward to safely seeing you this winter.




In order to provide you with the safest and best heli-skiing possible this season, we will be implementing new COVID-19 protocols. Please read this email in its entirety and let us know if you have any questions prior to your heli-ski date. 

Our waiver has moved from in-person, day-of to a new online version that should be completed as soon as possible. This waiver covers our standard liability and gathers info we’ll need to provide you with powder skis/snowboard the day of your trip. 

Every individual participant needs to fill this out. We highly encourage you to fill it out now. Please find the online waiver here: Helitrax waiver.

Please be sure to read all the information that was included with your confirmation email. There is a ton of important information in there that will help you have the best experience with Helitrax. As an example, it’s very important you contact us by 2:00 PM on the day prior to your trip date so we can confirm you are still planning to join us and we can update you on your heli-ski day arrival time. 

Here are few new guidelines for this season: 

  • When you check in the day prior to your trip, we will provide you with your group’s meet time. Each group of 4 will be given different meet times to decrease contact with other guests. Please arrive promptly the day of your trip. 
  • If you plan to use our powder skis or snowboards, please drop off at least one of your boots the afternoon prior to your heli-ski day so we can get your equipment ready prior to your office arrival. If you cannot drop off a boot the day before, we must have it prior to 8:00 AM on your trip date. You will then need to come back to the office at your scheduled meet time. 
  • Once you are equipped for the day, we will move outside for our 30-45 minute pre-trip and safety briefing. Please dress warm! You can leave extra jackets, hats, etc. in a bag outside our office before boarding the helicopter. We highly recommend extra layers for our morning briefing. 
  • It is mandatory that you arrive with a suitable mask (or two) for the day. Masks need to be at least two layers thick (that means two buffs if you go that direction) and stay over your nose and mouth. Masks need to be able to stay in place when hit by the strong blasts of wind created by the helicopter. Please test your mask prior to arrival. You will be required to wear your mask when inside our office, in the helicopter, inside the van and when outside and social distancing cannot be maintained. You will not be expected to ski with a mask on, but it should be ready for fast covering at any time. 

2020 has been unusual to say the least. We’re looking forward to a fun heli-ski day with you soon! Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

Joe Shults

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