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For the 2021-22 heliskiing season, Telluride Helitrax will be operating with  COVID-19 protocols and guidelines to help keep our staff and guests safe. These initiatives are in an effort to reduce/minimize the risk of introducing and transmitting the virus within our operation. As with all ski guiding, the risks cannot be completely eliminated.

If you have any questions prior to your ski trip feel free to contact us for the latest update. 

Our procedures will meet and exceed all federal and local protocols put in place at the time of your trip. Since the COVID-19 situation is fluid, the exact practices we will be using may change at any time.

Some of the protocols you should expect to comply with include: 

  • Guests from different groups will be scheduled to arrive at our office on a staggered basis. Please show up promptly at your designated time.
  • Face coverings and physical distancing will be required when around people outside your group at all times.
  • Our pre-trip safety briefing will happen outside, please dress warm (you may leave extra layers in our office when you depart for your trip).
  • Face coverings shall be worn at all times when social distancing cannot be maintained including in the helicopter. Face coverings where daylight is visible through the fabric are not appropriate.
  • It is mandatory that you arrive with a suitable mask (or two) for the day. Masks need to be at least two layers thick (that means two buffs if you go that direction) and stay over your nose and mouth. Masks need to be able to stay in place when hit by the strong blasts of wind created by the helicopter. Please test your mask prior to arrival. You will be required to wear your mask when inside our office, in the helicopter, inside the van and when outside and social distancing cannot be maintained. You will not be expected to ski with a mask on, but it should be ready for fast covering at any time.

The Helitrax team will be disinfecting our office, the helicopter, gear and vans on a daily basis. Hand sanitizer will be made available to you in the office and throughout the day.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 970.728.8377. We look forward to safely seeing you this winter.